Trick or Treat

Being an ED doctor, you get used to seeing a boatload of patients in each shift, sometimes its very busy, sometimes it isn’t too busy but the day gets quite rough because of the severity of sick patients, and sometimes it’s a combination of both. Any shift in the ED can be unpredictable, and can change from hour to hour. While most shifts can be counted on to be unpredictable as to what will happen next, or how the day (or night) will unfold, some shifts you walk in to work, and you just know you are in for a long day. One such ED shift? Halloween night.

I walked in to work, and witnessed, in order of appearance – a drunk Ronald McDonald, with a laceration on his face (or was that really bad makeup?) that was not quite bleeding but was being attended to by a young and vivacious Morticia Addams, who I was not sure was either very intoxicated or thoroughly in character as she spoke to him in a verrrryyyyy sultry way; an Elvis in a wheelchair with an IV bag connected to him, looking like he wanted to use the sick bowl clutched in his hands; a very pregnant Marilyn Monroe (atlas I think she was pregnant!); a pirate and Catwoman sitting side by side (I couldn’t tell what was wrong with them).

Paeds also had its share of costumes. There were 3 Harry Potters, various ages, 1 vomiting, 2 with fever (one of whom even had a stuffed owl on his shoulder); Tinkerbell was crying; but the Elsas stole the show, there were atleast 7 of those.

Resus (where we housed our most critical patients) was currently home to a mummy in one of the bays – one could argue that they may not have been in costume, and may have actually been treated with those bandages, but I didn’t ask. There was Gandalf with a broken ankle, that the orthopaedics were sedating and setting right.

It was all quite bizarre and funny and sad and interested and…colorful, all at the same time. I had never spent Halloween at work before, and never could have imagined what an ED shift would be like in these circumstances. Well now I know, and so do you.

Hello world!

Greetings! New blogger in da house, what?!

Three days. That’s when I had this sudden bright idea (read ‘overheard my wife and sister-in-law talking about the benefits of blogging’) of starting my very own blog. I do, after all, have some interesting stories to tell.

I am a doctor by profession, and my chosen poison or…errr…specialty is emergency medicine. Yes, all the stories you have heard are true. We not only deal with the mundane cardiac events and road traffic accidents and strokes, but we also deal with the very interesting (and not so mundane!) foreign bodies in weird places that you ‘accidentally fell on to while climbing a ladder in the middle of the night naked and that’s how it ended up in my bum’. Very classy, and we totally fall for it. Not.

I also have an almost-2 year old, and the combination of sleepless nights due to daddy duty, and that of my lesser evil but equally exhausting shift work that I do, leads to quite a collection of interesting … incidents, shall we say? Some of them I would not breathe a word to anyone, and others, well let’s face it, they do make for great dinner party conversation.

So here I am, sharing my wisdom (or lack thereof). These are my stories, memories, anecdotes, reflections and thoughts – the inner rantings of a 30-something budding (balding?) doctor, trying to be an emergency physician, while also trying to dad.