“You took erythromycin for…what now?!”

19 year old female being triaged. The triage nurse asks: “What brings you to ED today?”
“I have taken some medication.”
“Yes? What have you taken?”
“About 6 or 7 paracetamol, and 5 erythromycin.”
“OK. What time did you take these medicines?”
“Umm…like around 4 o clock (about 6-7 hours back)”
“Right. And what was your intention?”
“Well, I had a very bad headache.”
“I really wanted to get rid of this terrible headache.”
“…”   *stares*
“Yeah I know. I didn’t know what else to do, so I just took whatever was available.”
“You…took these medications by accident then?”
“So you took paracetamol and…erythromycin (!!!) for a headache?”
“You had no intention of harming yourself in any way?”
“No of course not! I told you, I wanted to cure my headache. Why would I want to harm myself?”
“Are you aware that erythromycin is an antibiotic and doesn’t really have any effect on headaches?”
“Yes. But my headache is gone now.” *smirks*